April 26, 2014

Not much activity on the site but the project is in deceptively full swing for me. Since mid March time I've been putting in about an hour a day on it and have done the following:

Learnt the basics of hex for the .bin files and started editing the text into the game and making the game pick the right bytes to read the text (for when the text in English is longer than in Japanese). So for basic dialogue sections I can put any of that into the game.

Learnt how to use tinke to take images from the game and import them back in. So this means if there's any interest from anyone on here to work on files, they can help edit images for the game (seeing as my skills on graphic design is fairly limited). So if anyone's up for that, drop me a message and I'll upload the images.

Started figuring out how the game functions, the ev files, when the player earns points. So I have been buzzing through the game unlocking everything and getting a proper feel for what happens during the game.

So yeah, while I see this project as ambitious for one person to finish, that's not gonna stop me from trying :)

February 27,2014

All of the the names of speakers in the script files have been filled out with one or two exceptions. Now it's just a case of working through the game, getting the context right and putting in a translation for what occurs on screen. There's 27 days of gameplay (3 different versions of the last day) with some overlap at times. So hopefully some of it will be a copy & paste job. Onwards & Upwards

February 22, 2014

So yeah the project kinda has died off various times over the last few years. Last year was a write off for myself in terms of spare time (getting married this past December was my excuse!). But there's renewed interest in the project from a few different people so we will be working on getting this off the ground again. Anyone who joins and everything, your help is majorly appreciated and I'll be mega thankful! Even if you don't know Japanese, just focus on placing the right names underneath them before the speech marks (the speech marks are like this 「 xxxx 」). As there's a ton of work to be done just writing Haruhi underneath ハルヒ over and over again! And once we get beyond doing all the characters for that, we can push forward and work on translating it proper!

December 26, 2012

Ouran is not dead.

So I've only logged a handful of times since the last post, but this has mostly been down to life getting in the way. But with the new year nearly upon us, it's looking like I'm going to have a fair amount of spare time on my hands to spend working on this project. Not sure who's likely to read this, but as always, if you want to get involved just sign up.

October 26, 2012
Yup, it's moving along nicely now. We now have practically all the scripts with the exception of one or two files uploaded. So we're just working through the basic stages of the new files, adding the names of each character before they speak. I'll echo again the invite to anyone that reads this. Especially since at the moment, the task is not translating per say, more a case of adding the first layer to each file so it's easy to see what we're doing when we work on the files on a more in-depth level. A time consuming but simple task. So don't be shy about signing up and helping us out with this project!


October 22, 2012
It's almost too good to be true, but we actually have an update two and a half years later! Oh, how time flies.. I was contacted by lovelessrapture who subsequently has been promoted to admin, seeing how committedly he contributed translations.. Keeping the project alive which I appreciate a lot! He will now take care of the updates as well.. And as always, everyone is invited to contribute!

August 26, 2010
Currently on the hunt for translators, and with a bit of luck, I may have found a few. With the help of someone from gbatemp, extracting images from the game now seem to get a lot easier, and I already managed to edit some of them succesfully. Hopefully I can test them out soon. I hope to make the project official and public somewhere next week. Incidentally, studies will also begin around that time, but I'll keep fighting for this project!

Last week of August, 2010
Although my last sign of life at gbatemp forums had been around May, I never really let the idea completely float, it was always there somewhere in the back of my head. So it's now or never, and I finally decided to pick it up again, as I promised myself and especially the others that I wouldn't let their hard work go to a waste. I finished uploading and preparing the scripts for about 50%, adding names and marking the in-game controls are very time consuming. It might seem useless to some, but when you check some of the scripts that exist of more than 3000 lines, you're happy you at least got a bit of an overview. Also, added some screenshots of the touchscreen controls, translated most of them, but some of them still need some altering or help. I already made a few tests for translated menu buttons. But most important of all, I'm finally feeling love for this project again!

January 23, 2010
azerty completed the final script extractor, so everything it set to go.
Slowly starting to upload a few of the scripts, but the wiki seems to glitch every now and then with files that are too long.

January 3, 2010
After getting enough information and help from a few brilliant gbatemp forum users (read: azerty1 and jjjewel),
I decided to go through with the project and set up this wiki.